Lisa Findley Profile Image

Lisa Findley is the SBA Division Operations Manager for NBH Bank.  She has been with the bank for 14 years and has worked in the banking industry since 1998.  Lisa has worked in all phases of banking to include but not limited to the Teller Line, Commercial Loans and Special Assets to name a few.

In 2013, Lisa was pursued by the SBA Division Manager to join SBA and take over monitoring the loan portfolio. Currently, Lisa works to ensure all compliance requirements have been met in order to obtain an SBA Guaranty. She also oversees the SBA Packaging and Closing Specialists ensuring that all required documentation has been collected and completed prior to submission for approval to SBA, expediting the process from the beginning application stages through the closing stage.  Lisa works very diligently to ensure an efficient completion of the transaction and a satisfactory client experience has been achieved.

Additionally, Lisa’s responsibilities include managing the overall SBA Operations taking care to ensure the bank is in compliance at all times as well as being in compliance with the Small Business Administration.  She consistently works to establish and enforce quality control standards, servicing of loans and following up to ensure lien filings and releases have been completed where appropriate.