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Client Testimonials

Spotlighting our valued clients: celebrating business success, big and small, with Hillcrest Bank.

Starting and growing a business is hard. At Hillcrest Bank we know just how hard it is (we’ve seen the numbers). That’s why we’re celebrating all our clients. Big and Small. And right here is where we want to start showcasing them. Keep up the hard work and we’ll be there every step of the way, because your business, is our business.

Hagbros Precision

Headquartered in Hutto, Texas. This family-owned manufacturing solutions provider was founded on one family’s dream to build a world-class manufacturing company that enriches the lives of their employees, customers and the community that it touches.

Savory Fund

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Savory partners with restaurateurs to expand unique brands that target unique, new and undiscovered parts of the food & beverage industry.

Dental Method

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Dental Method is restoring the promise of relationship-based dentistry.

Ocean Mart

Utah’s only Asian supermarket chain. Utilizing the SBA loan program, through Hillcrest Bank has enabled this family business to dream big.

Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle helps organizations transform leaders into Enterprise Leaders.

National Indoor RV Centers

National Indoor RV Centers is the industry leader in RV and motorhomes.

Earthborn Elements & Unpretentious

Earthborn Elements, makes products are of the highest quality; focusing on offering large quantities of simple ingredients.

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