Hillcrest Bank offers Commercial Cards that allow your business to simplify the account payable processing with the most cost effective mode of payment. Commercial card payments give you the information and reporting tools to provide enhanced data monitoring, plus giving you the ease to purchase what you need to run your business by reducing costs associated with making payments, providing immediate access to data and streamlining your access to accounting software.


Purchasing Card

Consolidate purchasing transactions, manage business travel and entertainment expenses, and reduce paperwork and processing costs with Elan One Card Program.

Payment Management Solutions:

  • Automate the payment and reconciliation process
  • Enhance cash management and cycle-based payments
  • Centralized payment options
  • Integrated into internal accounting systems

Purchase Management Solutions:

  • Group and analyze spending data
  • Block spending to certain merchant groups
  • Consolidate purchase and travel payments
  • Enhanced cash flow flexibility by paying for purchases when the statement is received

Security Features:

  • Visa Liability Waiver
  • Zero Liability Policy
  • Lost and stolen card reporting
  • Auto rental insurance
  • Travel and emergency assistance


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