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Commercial Banking

Keeping your business running smoothly and in proper financial shape is difficult, especially if you’re trying to manage it all on your own. That’s why Hillcrest Bank offers options for commercial banking in Bountiful. Opening a commercial bank account with us can help you keep better track of your money while also opening the door to many additional offerings including treasury management services and more, whether you’re a one-person operation or part of a growing team.

Commercial Checking Accounts

Commercial checking accounts are designed to meet the broad, unique financial requirements of businesses. These accounts offer features such as higher transaction limits, online banking, and payroll services, which can help you manage your daily operations efficiently. Opening a commercial checking account with Hillcrest Bank can help you streamline your finances and maintain effective cash flow, giving you time to focus on your core business activities.

Commercial Savings Accounts

Looking for a secure and convenient way to save and grow your company’s capital? Hillcrest Bank offers commercial savings accounts in Bountiful with competitive interest rates to help you earn returns on your surplus funds. By utilizing a commercial savings account, you can build a financial cushion for all future investments and plans you have on the horizon, including expansion opportunities or unforeseen expenses.

Commercial Credit Cards

Taking out a commercial credit card with Hillcrest Bank can be a valuable tool for managing your company’s expenses and will help simplify any and all financial transactions. These cards often come with customizable spending limits, detailed expense tracking, and rewards programs tailored to the needs of your employees. By utilizing commercial credit cards, companies in Bountiful can better optimize their cash flow, streamline expense management, and take advantage of valuable perks that support their growth and operations.

Small Business Banking

Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. Whether you work alone or manage a small team, Hillcrest Bank has a long line of small business banking services in Bountiful that can help you set your company up to flourish. These include business checking and savings accounts, lending options, and treasury management, all supported by our friendly team of dedicated experts. We provide personalized guidance to ensure you receive the financial tools and resources necessary to navigate the financial journey of growing your business.

Small Business Checking Accounts

Hillcrest Bank understands the challenges faced by small businesses. To help you efficiently manage your finances and streamline your day-to-day operations, we offer small business checking accounts in Bountiful that provide essential banking services tailored to your needs. With features available like online banking, bill pay, and mobile check deposit, you’ll have all the resources necessary to maintain your financial health and future potential.

Small Business Credit Cards

It can be hard to keep track of your company’s expenses, especially when you’re just getting started. Opening up a small business credit card with Hillcrest Bank in Bountiful can help you stay on top of your spending while receiving valuable perks. We offer competitive interest rates and comprehensive rewards programs with the goal of making your life as a small business owner a little more comfortable. More than anything, owning a company card will help you separate your personal and professional expenses now and into the future.

Small Business Savings

We offer options for small business savings in Bountiful to provide you with a secure and convenient way to set aside funds for future growth opportunities and unexpected expenses. Our opportunities include competitive interest rates, allowing you to earn returns on your deposits and stabilize your finances. This essential financial tool will help you maintain a strong financial foundation for investing in future ventures and navigate the challenges of keeping your business running smoothly.