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We will never ask for your online banking password, debit card pin #, or to send money using Zelle® to anyone, including yourself. If you receive a request like this, it is likely a scammer trying to trick you. If you have provided the information, please contact us immediately.

Online & Mobile Banking Use Instructions

Effortless Banking at Your Fingertips: Explore Online and Mobile Banking Guidelines

Signing up for Online Banking

Our online banking platform allows you to manage your money when you want, where you want. With easy access to your funds you can pay bills, access online statements and tax documents, transfer funds between accounts, monitor account activity, sign up for My Rewards, utilize our Personal Finance Tool, and more!

Complete a few simple steps to enroll in Online Banking at home!

  1. Go to our homepage.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen in the Online Banking Sign-In box, select ‘New Online Banking User? Click Here’.
  3. Select the account type you are wishing to enroll.
  4. Read the Online Banking Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. On the next screen enter all of your information: Name, Date of Birth, Email, SSN and Address. You will also need the account number associated with the account.
  6. In the ‘Last Statement Balance’ section, if you have a brand-new account, it will be $0.00. If you have an existing account, it will be the balance on the last statement. If you do not have this, call us at 855.629.7618! We will be happy to provide this to you.
  7. Create a User ID and password.
  8. Your Online Banking enrollment should process automatically. If it says it will be delayed 1-3 business days, call us at 855.629.7618, and we can assist you with completing the enrollment process.

Signing up for Online Statements

Online documents are safer, more convenient and more secure than paper documents, and they may be a way to reduce the monthly service fee on your accounts.

How to change your delivery method from Paper to Online:

  1. Log in to Online Banking from our website.
  2. Click “Documents” in the main navigation.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, click “change your statement delivery method”.
  4. Select “Online” from the “Delivery Method” drop down for all Statements, Notices and Tax Forms you would like to access electronically.
  5. Click the link for “Online Document Service Agreement and Disclosure” to view the terms of the agreement.
  6. Check the box stating that you read and agree to the terms.
  7. Click “Submit”.

Signing up for Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking app gives you access to your accounts any where and every where.

After you’ve signed up for Online Banking it’s quick and simple to sign up for Mobile Banking.

  1. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the downloaded app and accept the Terms & Conditions
  3. Sign in with your Online Banking User ID and Password
  4. Send a secure text to your phone and enter the code provided
  5. Enter your mobile phone number and hit ‘Enroll’

Depositing a Check with Mobile Banking

Deposit checks any where, any time with Mobile Check Deposit.

Complete a few simple steps to deposit your checks:

  1. Sign into Mobile Banking.
  2. Click the “+” sign at the bottom.
  3. Click “Deposit”.
  4. Hit “Continue” (x2).
  5. Take a picture of the front of the check.
  6. Take a picture of the back of the check with your endorsement, “For Mobile Deposit Only” and “Bank Midwest” written on it.
  7. Select which account you’d like to deposit in to.
  8. Type in the amount of the check.
  9. Choose which email you’d like the receipt sent to.
  10. Hit “Continue”.

Adding your debit card to your Apple Wallet or PayPal

Pay with your phone using your Apple device. It’s quick and easy!

How to add your debit card:

  1. Open our Mobile App on your iPhone and sign on. 
  2. Tap on the wallet icon in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. Select “Add to Apple Wallet™ to add your card to Apple Pay® or select “Add to PayPal” to add your card to PayPal®.
  4. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Adding your debit card to your Android Wallet or Samsung Pay

Pay with your phone using your Android device. It’s quick and easy!

How to add your debit card:

  1. Open the Google Pay (GPay) or Samsung Pay app on your phone. 
  2. Tap “Add a payment method” and hit “Credit or debit card”. 
  3. Take a picture of your physical debit card and follow the steps.
  4. Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and follow the steps to have the bank verify your account.

Controlling your Debit Card with Card Controls

Complete control, wherever you go. Our Card Controls tool allows you to control your debit card right from the Mobile App. Card Controls lets you temporarily lock your card if it’s lost or stolen, set transaction limits to keep your spending in check, set geographic areas where your debit card can be used and more.

Get started in Card Controls

The first time you access the Card Controls menu, you’ll need to turn your card(s) “on”. You’ll only have to do this the first time you access Card Controls.

  1. Log in to the Mobile App.
  2. Select “More” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Select “Card Controls”.
  4. Select “Add”. All eligible cards will be listed. You may add all cards at once.
  5. Once added, all eligible cards will display in a list on the Card Controls screen.

If you do not have any cards enrolled, click ‘Add’ to enroll your card(s). You will be presented with a list of your eligible debit cards that you can add to Card Controls.

Turn your card on/off

  1. In the mobile app, select “More”.
  2. Select “Card Controls”.
  3. Select the card you want to turn on/off.
  4. Next to “Enable Card for Use,” toggle the switch to turn the card on/off.
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